Dr. Scott C. Truver manages Gryphon’s Naval and Maritime Programs group and serves as senior advisor at the Center for Naval Analyses.

Articles by Scott C. Truver

U.S. sailors and Georgian coast guardsmen conduct an integrated visit, board, and search-and-seizure exercise on board the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) in the Black Sea in late January 2019

The U.S. Navy in Review

By Robert D. Holzer and Scott C. Truver
May 2019
During the past year, the U.S. national security community focused on the return of great power competition and how to filter through that long-term competitive lens the improvement of every ...
Eric Smith

From Minimal to Optimal

By Captain George V. Galdorisi, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Scott C. Truver
July 2011
How many sailors are too many? How few are too few? The new Zumwalt-class destroyer apparently has it just right.
U.S. Navy (Tiffini Jones Vanderwyst)

U.S. Navy in Review

By Scott C. Truver
May 2010
It has become something of a mantra. Early each year, senior Navy Department civilian and uniformed officials head up to Capitol Hill to tell Congress and American taxpayers about the ...

Not Just a Bad Hair Day

By Commander Robert W. Witzleb, U.S. Navy, and Scott C. Truver
October 2008
Our vulnerability to cheap and elusive mines and other explosive devices should be keeping us up at night.
u.s. navy (tiffini m. jones)

U.S. Navy in Review

By Scott C. Truver
May 2008
An analysis in March 2007 showed significant erosion in public opinion over President George W. Bush's decision for regime change in Iraq.A report by the Pew Research Center for the ...

A New DOG in the Hunt

By Rear Admiral Thomas F. Atkin, USCG, and Scott C. Truver
August 2007
The first commanding officer of the Coast Guards new Deployable Operations Group (DOG) and a civilian expert team up to explain how the concept works.

"Now Hear This" (If You Can)

By Scott C. Truver
February 2006
The United States got a wake-up call in late summer 2005, when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged the Gulf of Mexico coast from Texas to Alabama. "The devastation was so ...

The U.S. Navy in Review

By Scott C. Truver
May 2005
On 26 December 2004, a massive earthquake close by Indonesia generated a tsunami of Biblical proportions, killing hundreds of thousands of people, leaving hundreds of thousands more without food, potable ...

Save the Tico!

By Scott C. Truver
October 2004
For nearly four years, the Bush administration has focused on a no-holds-barred transformation of the U.S. military to meet daunting, if ambiguous, 21st-century asymmetrical threats and challenges to security at ...