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Norman Friedman is a prominent international defense analyst and historian specializing in the intersection between policy, strategy, and technology. He has published more than forty books, including The Fifty-Year War, an award-winning history of the Cold War; a history of naval fighter aircraft; and design histories of many U.S. and British warships.

Articles by Norman Friedman


The Double Turret

By Norman Friedman
October 2022
When the United States began building battleships in about 1890, it adopted—uniquely among the world’s battleship navies—two-story turrets for some them.
Ordnancemen on board the USS San Jacinto (CVL-30)

Evolution of a Ship-Sinker

By Norman Friedman, Author of U.S. Navy Attack Aircraft, 1920–2020 (Naval Institute Press, 2022)
August 2022
The Mk 13 torpedo emerged as a devastating weapon responsible for sinking a Japanese superbattleship at the Battle of Leyte Gulf and another one off Okinawa.

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