Kelly Swann earned her undergraduate degree in Graphic Arts from Loyola Marymount in 2007. After working for the Santa Maria Times as a graphic designer, art department supervisor, copy editor, and community news editor, she attended the Center for Cartoon Studies. In 2016 she earned a Master's Degree in Cartooning. Her work is featured in Naval History Magazine, the natural science comic anthology Awesome ‘Possum, and in the cartoonist veterans project When I Returned. Her upcoming work Kilroy Was Here, is in progress.

Articles by Kelly Swann

Smedley Butler with War is a Racket

Smedley Butler, USMC

By Kevin Knodell and Kelly Swann
August 2019
A graphic-arts recounting of the career of a Marine Corps legend: the highly decorated—and highly controversial—“Old Gimlet Eye.”
Acts of Valor - Lewis C. Shepard Thumbnail

Lewis C. Shepard, U.S. Navy

By Kevin Knodell and Kelly Swann
February 2019
Graphic artistry brings to life one of the most versatile and impressive Civil War careers—that of a man who fought heroically on land and sea, both as soldier and sailor.
Acts of Valor: Lieutenant Richard McCool, USN teaser

Lieutenant Richard McCool, USN

By Kevin Knodell and Kelly Swann
December 2018
Graphic art recounts the story of the story of a U.S. Navy lieutenant who bravely kept up the fight during the struggle for Okinawa on 11 June 1945.

Douglas Munro, USCG

By Kevin Knodell and Kelly Swann
October 2018
Graphic artistry brings to life the inspiring World War II story of the signalman first class who became the only Coast Guardsman to ear the Medal of Honor.