Portrait of Admiral H. Kent Hewitt

A member of the Naval Academy’s Class of 1907, Admiral Henry Kent Hewitt, U. S. Navy (Retired), commanded the destroyer Cummings during World War I, served three tours of duty at the Naval Academy, and commanded the Indianapolis, 1936–37. At the time of Pearl Harbor he was ComCruLant but was soon assigned to command the Amphibious Force Atlantic Fleet. As Commander of the Western Naval Task Force in Operation Torch he had charge of the Moroccan landings in 1942. From March, 1943, until April, 1945, he was the top U. S. Naval Officer in the Mediterranean as Commander of U. S. Eighth Fleet. In August, 1945, he became Commander U. S. Naval Forces Europe, and in 1947 until his retirement in 1949 he was U. S. Naval Representative on the United Nations Military Staff Committee.

Articles by Henry Kent Hewitt

Executing Operation Anvil-Dragoon

By Admiral H. Kent Hewitt, U. S. Navy (Retired)
August 1954
Ten years ago this month the last major amphibious operation against the Nazis, Anvil-Dragoon, liberated Southern France. Months of careful planning, in which cooperation between nations and among the branches ...

Planning Operation Anvil-Dragoon

By Admiral H. Kent Hewitt, U. S. Navy (Retired)
July 1954
The possibility of a landing in Southern France in support of the intended cross-channel invasion of Northern France (Operation Overlord), was discussed by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill and ...