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A. Denis Clift is a former naval officer, editor-in-chief of Proceedings magazine, and president emeritus of National Intelligence University. He served in eleven presidential administrations, including tours as National Security Council senior staff member for the Soviet Union and Eastern and Western Europe/NATO, National Security Advisor to the vice president of the United States, and chief of staff, Defense Intelligence Agency. His books include A Death in Geneva, The Bronze Frog, and With Presidents to the Summit. 

Articles by A. Denis Clift

A U.S. Marine with 2nd Marine Logistics Group programs an AN/PRC-117F radio at Battle Skills Training School on Cape Lejeune, North Carolina.

Naval Comms

By A. Denis Clift
September 2023
Highlighting 150 years of flag bags, satellites, and naval communications in the pages of Proceedings.
ship's stern

Mighty Mo Hard on Sand

By A. Denis Clift
January 2023
The USS Missouri (BB-63), otherwise known as “Mighty Mo,” was launched at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in January 1944 and commissioned that June.

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