The Bronze Frog

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    September 15, 2018
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"[A] gripping thriller . . . Military action fans will appreciate the meticulous procedural detail that Clift, a former naval officer, brings to this relentless tale of revenge." —Publishers Weekly

The Bronze Frog is a violent, fast-paced, global thriller shaped by the author’s Navy, intelligence, foreign operations, and White House expertise. Commander Linc Walker, a sharp, combat-seasoned Navy SEAL is on a clandestine mission against the People’s Republic of China when he is betrayed by leaders in The White House. The Bronze Frog follows Linc’s plans for revenge.

      Walker and SEAL Chief Gunner’s Mate John Hall move out from the nuclear attack submarine USS Burlington after she punches up through the ice at the North Pole, to reconnoiter a secret Chinese installation camouflaged in the polar white. After a firefight, Walker lashes his wounded partner to their ice buggy and speeds back to the submarine recovery point. The Burlington misses the scheduled rendezvous by 12 hours. Hall succumbs to his wounds on the ice as a U.S.-Chinese political crisis erupts. Once aboard, Walker—furious with the missed rendezvous and Hall’s unnecessary death—knocks out the submarine’s skipper.

       Forced to retire, Walker learns that the President’s National Security Adviser, a fellow Stanford graduate, together with the National Security Council’s China expert, gave the orders blocking the submarine’s scheduled recovery of the two SEALs. They alone are responsible for Hall’s death—traitors in Linc’s eyes. Determined to see them pay, Linc moves out on his plan of revenge.

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