A Death in Geneva

A Novel

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    December 15, 2014
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A Death in Geneva is a fast-paced thriller set against the background of late-1970s terrorism that crisscrosses Europe, the United States, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic as mysterious assailants terrorize one of America’s richest industrialist families. The action begins when Constance Burdette, the newly appointed American ambassador to the European office of the United Nations—and the President’s secret lover—is cut down by machine gun fire in a bloody, well-planned strike against her chauffeured limousine in Geneva. The three assassins, continue their attack by stalking the late Ambassador’s brother, Thomas Madison Starring, America’s leading shipbuilder and owner of an international shipping fleet. As the assassins close in on their prey, the tense plot moves to a final, devastating act of terror.

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Editorial Reviews

"A Death in Geneva by Denis Clift has a great unfolding plot and flow, sophisticated dialogue, superb character development, and artful locational descriptors worthy of the author's well-traveled and worldly background. This is a refreshing and worthy read, guaranteed to please."  —ADM. William O. Studeman, USN (RET.), former Director of NSA and former Deputy director of CIA
"A brilliantly plotted thriller with deeply drawn characters whose agendas collide in terrorism on the seas. With A Death in Geneva Denis Clift has given us an engrossing novel with the feel of a classic in the tradition of Ian Fleming."  —Maureen Bagniski, former FBI Executive Assistant Director for Intelligence

Seldom if ever does an author possess the relevant skills scholarship, elegance of expression, insight into the several dimensions of character, and a commanding personal grasp of subject matter (in this case of diplomacy, intelligence gathering, and international politics) to craft a novel of such authenticity and profoundly absorbing style as Denis Clift has achieved in A Death in Geneva. From a rich career at the highest levels of international politics and his own leadership as an American intelligence professional, Clift draws you into an absorbing plot that combines ideological conflict, towering personal ambition by giants of industry and politics, hubris, and passion spread artfully over a canvas that extends from Malta to Geneva, New York, and Washington and leaves you breathless on every page. It's Kissinger, Bill Gates, and Le CarrΘ at their best. I couldn't put it down."  —Robert McFarlane, National Security Adviser to President Ronald Reagan"Solid entertainment from first page to last, A Death in Geneva is an expertly crafted novel that documents author A. Denis Clift as a master storyteller and will leave the reader looking eagerly toward his next thriller. Very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.  —Reviewer's Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review