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July 2016
As editor of Proceedings, you had better like every issue the magazine team produces, or you should go home. This issue, the fourth in my second tour as editor ...
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CEO Notes

July 2016
USNI News DeliversUSNI News continues its remarkable growth, reaching yet another significant milestone in June. The site surpassed 20 million page views since it launched in February 2013. The ever-expanding ...
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Comment & Discussion

July 2016
A Second Revolt of the Admirals?(See K. Eyer, p. 16, June 2016 Proceedings)Frank Morgan—I served as a nuclear submarine officer in the late 1960s. I still associate ...
U.S. Marine Corps (Michael Thorn)

Focus on the Marines

By Captain Travis Grell, U.S. Marine Corps
July 2016
Marine aviation fell short of its intended training readiness goals by 26 percent in Fiscal Year 2014, and it is presently short more than 100 aircraft necessary to train to ...
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To Rule the Ether...

By James Young
July 2016
2016 Cyber Essay Contest Prize Winner – Sponsored with Hewlett Packard Enterprisetment of Defense. As outlined in its 2015 Cyber Strategy, the DOD “is responsible for defending the U.S. homeland ...
Doctor Macro; U.S. Navy (Justin R. Diniro)

Frankenweapons Loom on the Horizon

By Captain Carl Meuser, U.S. Navy
July 2016
Frankenstein is not about the monster. Of course, Mary Shelley’s iconic monster is arguably the most compelling character in her novel, and it is most certainly indispensable, but the story ...
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LCS Delivers

By Admiral Scott H. Swift, U.S. Navy
July 2016
Today, littoral combat ships of the Freedom (LCS-1) and Independence (LCS-2) classes are operating forward. They execute military diplomacy across a wide geographical range, build greater transparency, reduce the risk ...
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Replace the PCs

By Captain Tom Shultz, U.S. Navy
July 2016
During World War II, PT boats met the enemy up close and at greater frequency than any other surface vessels.1 Their size, speed, maneuverability, shallow draft, and versatility allowed them ...
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Employ DOD's Sexual Assault & Response Weapons

By Commander Timothy P. McGeehan, U.S. Navy
July 2016
Sexual assault is a serious issue affecting our Navy. It hurts our people, undermines trust, and impacts readiness. The Department of Defense’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program provides ...
U.S. Coast Guard

Opportunity for U.S.-Chinese Partnership?

By Lieutenant Nicholas Monacelli, U.S. Coast Guard
July 2016
The United States’ National Security Strategy leverages cooperation as a cornerstone. The President directs geographic combatant commanders to cultivate, maintain, and repair foreign relationships. Specifically, U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) set ...
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Special - Arleigh Burke: Leader, Ship Class, and Prologue

By Vice Admiral John Morgan, U.S. Navy (Retired) with Captain Rick Easton, U.S. Navy (Retired)
July 2016
As the first commanding officer of the Admiral’s ship, the most profound memory of my time with this naval icon was his decisive response to my question, “What’s it feel ...

Close the Counter-UAS Gap

By Captain Justin McCann, U.S. Marine Corps
July 2016
General James N. Mattis Professional Writing Awardwhile simultaneously decreasing in size, which is advantageous for friendly and enemy forces. Proliferation of UASs “complicates the tasks of providing force protection and ...
Italian Navy

A Beautiful Friendship

By Rear Admiral Michele Cosentino, Italian Navy (Retired)
July 2016
The March 2015 Proceedings posed an interesting question of naval commanders from around the world: “What role do you see for partnering with other navies to meet your goals?” I ...
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Special - Intruder Returns

By Stephen Coonts
July 2016
Naval aviation, which for me was A-6 Intruders, was the great adventure of my life. It was one of those rare instances when the reality lives up to its advanced ...

Book Reviews

July 2016
United States of Jihad: Investigating America’s Homegrown TerroristsPeter Bergen. New York: Crown, 2016. 387 pp. Notes. Biblio. Index. $28.00.Reviewed by John NaglAnything Peter Bergen writes on terrorism ...
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Professional Notes

July 2016
Wargames Are for PlayersBy Adam FrostThe Department of Defense is breathing new life into wargaming.Since Deputy Secretary of Defense (DepSecDef) Bob Work signed his February 2016 memo challenging ...

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . - Take on the Cyber Dragon

By Lieutenant Robert J. "Jake" Bebber, U.S. Navy
July 2016
Both the 2015 National Security Strategy and 2015 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy state that the United States desires to “deter” or “prevent” China from using cyberspace to conduct malicious ...
U.K. Ministry of Defence

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
July 2016
This past spring the United Kingdom commissioned its third Astute-class nuclear-powered attack submarine into service. HMS Artful was built by BAE Systems, launched in May 2014, and has now ...
U.S. Navy

From Our Archive

July 2016
“I wish no connection with any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go in harm's way.”John Paul Jones (1747-1792)The USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) underway ...

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