To Win on the Ground in Kosovo

By Lieutenant General John H. Cushman, USA (Ret.)
June 1999
In mid-May, a week after Russia had agreed with the key NATO allies on the essential conditions for NATO to halt its air campaign against Yugoslavia, President Slobodan Milosevic had ...

Comment and Discussion

June 1999
"The Recruiting Problem We Don't Talk About"(See T. Strother, p. 192, May 1999 Proceedings)Lieutenant Nora M. Jacobsen, U.S. Navy—As a female officer, I take great offense to ...

Response Is Assured

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas R. Bendel and Lieutenant Commander William S. Murray, U.S. Navy
June 1999
Deterrence is a vital part of U.S. security strategy, but today’s reduced threat environment could allow us to move some of our nuclear forces from hair-trigger alert. Response to attack ...

Can IT Work for ASW?

By Vice Admiral James R. Fitzgerald, U.S. Navy, Raymond J. Christian, and Robert C. Manke
June 1999
It can—if antisubmarine warfare sensors are upgraded to increase detection capabilities. Then the network can be used to reduce and manage uncertainty, for example, by providing dispersed ASW forces with ...

They Got Game

By Captain Jim Stavridis, U.S. Navy
June 1999
It has become a cliché—though clearly valid—to say that we live in a world that changes daily. Today's strategic planners and national security experts face global scenarios that mutate constantly ...

Is Navy "Information Management" Becoming an Oxymoron?

By Lieutenant Commander Robert L. Buchanan, U.S. Naval Reserve, and Lieutenant Commander Sean Donohoe, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
June 1999
Warfighters need quick and seamless access to information in order to control and understand the modern battlespace. Getting this information to those who need it should be a simple process ...

Professional Notes

June 1999
Naval Academy Improves Navigation InstructionBy Vice Admiral John R. Ryan, U.S. NavyNavigation instruction at the Naval Academy recently has been modified to take advantage of fleet-proven technology and enable third-class ...

Nobody Asked Me But…Stealth Saves Lives

By Captain James H. Patton Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 1999
We face thorny and complex decisions about the U.S. military's role in Kosovo. So far, the execution of Operation Allied Force suggests that we intend to use armed force in ...

Book Reviews

June 1999
The Man and His Art: R. G. Smith, An AutobiographyR. G. Smith with Rosario Rausa. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1999. 112 pp. Illustrated. $29.95 ($26.95).Reviewed by Barrett Tillman The ...

Whose Ship Is It Anyway?

By Don Walsh
June 1999
The RMS Titanic sank on 15 April 1912, with more than 1,500 people lost. In 1985, the wreckage was found and photographed at a depth of 12,500 feet, by a ...

Points of Interest

By Tom Philpott
June 1999
Where Are the Battleships?Two of the four Iowa-class battleships, the Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64), remain on the Naval Vessel Register in the Navy's highest readiness category for inactive ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III
June 1999
The Neptune (YDT-17), first of two 275-ton, 20-knot diving training tenders assigned to the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center, Panama City, Florida, was completed on 25 February 1999. Her ...
Starboard view of the USS Simpson (DD-220)

USS Simpson (DD-221)

By Eric Wertheim
June 1999
Named for Rear Admiral Edward Simpson, a Civil War-era naval hero, the USS Simpson (DD-221) was commissioned on 3 November 1920. From June 1922 through February 1924, the Simpson served ...

How Much Is One Life Worth?

Panel Discussion
June 1999
After Admiral Loy's address, Captain John Bonds, U.S. Navy (Retired), former Director of Navy Sailing, moderated the panel discussion entitled "How Much Is One Life Worth?" with panelists Bernadette Brennan ...

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