The Royal Hellenic Navy

By Comma G. Drossinos, RHN (Ret.)
March 1971
Since the dawn of history, the sea has dominated the legends and myths of the Hellenic people who inhabit the southern part of the Balkan peninsula where East meets West ...

The Merchant Marine Act of 1970

By Lt. (j.g.) S. W. Emery, Jr., USN
March 1971
In less than a year, a message from the President to Congress, stating the urgent need for restoration of the U. S. shipping fleet, was translated into H.R. 15424 and ...

Gun Systems? For Air Defense?

By Lt. Cdr. William D. O'Neil, III, USNR (R)
March 1971
Most people are now ready to concede that the naval gun serves a useful purpose in shore bombardment. Many will even credit the gun with a significant, if limited, role ...

Herndon, Maury, and the Amazon Basin

By Lt. Cdr. James P. Reddick, Jr., USN
March 1971
William Lewis Herndon was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on 25 October 1813. One of seven children, young William was orphaned early and had to seek his own fortune. He entered ...

The Old Navy: Unknown Ship

By Captain Benjamin Perlman, U. S. Navy (Retired)
March 1971
The seizure of the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) by North Korean naval forces in January 1968 reminded me of a little-known event in World War II, the details of which are ...

Comment and Discussion

March 1971
“Combat Readiness Training"(See J. B. Kusewitt and W. A. Speer, pp. 45-49, March; pp. 96-97, July; and pp. 83-84, November 1970; and pp. 83-84, January 1971 PROCEEDINGS)Lieutenant ...

Book Reviews and Book List

March 1971
The Forgotten FleetJohn Winton. New York: Coward-McCann, 1970. 433 pp. Illus. $8.95.Reviewed by Vice Admiral B. B. Schofield, Royal Navy (Retired)(Vice Admiral Schofield, a graduate of ...

Professional Notes and Notebook

March 1971
Commanding Officer Comments: The New USS Hepburn DE-1055By Commander Stuart D. Landersman, U. S. Navy, Commanding Officer, USS Hepburn (DE-1055)Forty-six new DEs will soon be a part of the ...

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