Red Star Over the Southern Sea

By Capt. Paul R. Schratz, USN (Ret.)
June 1970
Prize Essay 1970 SECOND HONORABLE MENTION Translating NATO strategy into dynamic policies which will support the interests of both the United States and NATO becomes doubly difficult—and the more imperative—as ...

L. S. O.

By Gail Borden
June 1970
Everyone is familiar with the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) of World War II and Korea. Along with the tailhook, he was the symbol of carrier aviation: “He stood on his ...

The Near West

By Cdr. Harry IV. Bergbauer, Jr., USN
June 1970
In the wake of the unsatisfactory state of the war in Vietnam, there is a renewed isolationist spirit in the land. This spirit is a natural political phenomenon in the ...

Unidentified Floating Objects

By Frank O. Braynard
June 1970
Not so long ago, V. Wickman, a steamship historian from Malta, sent me a striking photo of an old passenger ship. He asked me to identify the ship, but I ...

Counter-Guerilla Operations

By Howard R. Simpson
June 1970
From the clash of Roman Legions with the wild tribes of Gaul, to the quick, deadly ambushes of the Vietnam conflict, there has been one constant: the great difficulty experienced ...

A Wetter, Better NROTC

By Lt. Cdr. James IV. Corey,Jr., USN
June 1970
Most NROTC activities—the chief quartermaster timing the midshipman during navigation instruction is one example—are too big for any classroom. They should become part of a “school of the ship” curriculum; ...

Pictorial—PG School

Photography by Ted Jorgenson
June 1970
PG School Progress Cum Laude Photography by Ted Jorgenson In 1909, the Naval Postgraduate School made its modern debut at the Naval Academy with only three professors, 11 students, and ...

The Sixth Vixen

By David Jester, Jr.
June 1970
Vixen is a popular name in the Navy. There have been seven ships bearing this name, but very little seems to have been written about any of them. In the ...

Comment and Discussion

June 1970
“Against All Enemies” ( See R. J. Hanks, pp. 22-29, March 1970 PROCEEDINGS) Lawrence C. Allin, History Department, University of Maine—I am deeply disturbed by the climate of ideas and ...

Book Reviews and Book List

June 1970
Weyer's Flottentaschenbuch,1969/1970 Gerhard Albrecht (ed.). Munich: J. F. Lehmanns, 1970. 468 pp. Illus. About $15.00. Flottes de Combat, 1970 Henri le Masson (ed.). Paris: Editions Maritimes et D’Outre-Mer, 1969. 435 ...

Professional Notes and Notebook

June 1970
The Minesweeping/Fishing Vessel By Howard A. Chatterton, Ship Concept Design Division, U. S. Naval Ship Engineering Center The fisherman’s role in seapower,* is most important in this era of rising ...

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