A Well Disciplined Merchant Marine?

By Lieutenant Holmes F. Crouch, U. S. Coast Guard
December 1948
In the event of any future World War, it will be necessary for the United States to require immediate use of its Merchant Marine for military missions. For such purposes ...

Oil to Burn?

By Commander Paul P. Blackburn, Jr. U. S. Navy
December 1948
There is much discussion these days concerning the oil of the Middle East. We hear statements that this oil is vital to our future prosperity and our future security. Conversely ...

Southern Cruise by Two Navy Icebreakers

By Commander Edwin McDonald, U. S. Navy
December 1948
SOUTHERN CRUISE BY TWO NAVY ICEBREAKERSBy COMMANDER EDWIN McDONALD, U. S. NavyThis is a story about the cruise of the U.S.S. Burton Island (AG 88) and the U.S.S. Edisto (AG ...

Diesel Encomium

By Captain C. S. Seabring, U. S. Navy
December 1948
DIESEL ENCOMIUMBy CAPTAIN C. S. SEABRING, U. S. Navy(Author’s Note: In naming in this article certain individuals as contributing to the development of the diesel engine in the United States ...

Reserve ACIO's are Refreshed

By Lieutenant William H. Morris, U. S. Naval Reserve
December 1948
The refresher course conducted last year for Reserve Air Combat Intelligence Officers has several aspects which may be of some interest to the naval profession generally, and many which should ...

The Structure of Naval Appropriation Acts

By Rear Admiral Julius A. Purer, U. S. Navy (Retired)
December 1948
INTRODUCTIONThe ever mounting cost of government is becoming a matter of great concern to all taxpayers. Not that there is anything new in the shaking of heads over the growth ...

Sailing Canoes of the Marshall Islands

By Vice Admiral Carleton H. Wright, U. S. Navy (Retired)
December 1948
THE best cure for smug complacency and certainty of superiority of the white man is to have the victim chugging along serenely in a power boat with the engine purring ...

Supersonics and Aviation Medicine

By Lieutenant J. William Welsh, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
December 1948
The problem of projecting Navy pilots at faster and faster speeds long ago ceased to be the exclusive worry of the design section of the Bureau of Aeronautics. And now ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

December 1948
DISCUSSIONS, COMMENTS, NOTESOur Vanishing Petty Officers(See page 701, June 1948 Proceedings)Captain J. M. Kennaday, U. S. Navy.— Lieutenant Steele’s forthright and courageous—and constructive—article, “Our Vanishing Petty Officers,” was particularly interesting ...

Book Reviews

December 1948
Book ReviewsBoth regular and associate members of the Institute may save by ordering books through the Book Department. A discount of 10% is allowed on books of other publishers (except ...

Professional Notes

December 1948
Professional NotesThrough October 23, 1948United States………1570Arctic Maneuvers—Alaskan Exercises—Norton Sounds as Rocket Ship—Radar Picket Sub—Mediterranean Briefs—Sullivan Speaks—Joint Airhead Exercises—Arctic Expedition Report.Great Britain…………1575Rearmament—Fleet Notes—Vessels Transferred—African Naval Force—Malayan Ferret Force—Australian Defense Budget.Other Countries……1578Turkey.Aviation…………………1579F3D—Wright ...

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