Post-War Problems and the Navy

By Commander H. H. Smith-Hutton, U. S. Navy
June 1943
“Be Prepared”The most pressing problems before the people, the nation, and the armed forces at the present time are connected with the prosecution of the great struggle in which we ...

They Wanted to Rescue Napoleon

By David Whittet Thomson
June 1943
Napoleon had been shut up at Longwood House for more than five years before Barry O’Meara,1 Tom Johnson, and another Englishman whose name has not been recorded hit upon the ...

The Norwegian Navy in Action

By Walton L. Robinson
June 1943
EARLY ON THE morning of April 9, 1940, Germany attacked Norway. The invasion, launched with amazing speed and efficiency, caught the Norwegians almost completely by surprise, and within a few ...

Battle of Bali

By Lieutenant William P. Mack, U. S. Navy
June 1943
Bali is the Mecca of every Asiatic tourist, certainly a “must” on the cruise itinerary of every naval officer. I passed by the Island of Bali twelve times, but never ...

Women's Royal Naval Service

By Hazel Hunkins Hallinan
June 1943
As American participation grows in every theater of the war, the call is for man power. That ultimately means woman power. The extent to which the woman power of America ...

Forgotten Island—An Episode of the Philippines

By Lieutenant Commander Francis E. Cross, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
June 1943
AFTER THE acquisition of the Philippine Islands by the United States, in 1899, the small island of Las Palmas, situated near the southeastern boundary of the archipelago, became almost forgotten ...

The Microphone Is Yours

By Fred Henry
June 1943
Today, probably more than ever before, naval officers are faced with radio broadcasting assignments. Officers from the battle area are interviewed and make speeches in bond selling drives and on ...

The Sailing Ship Is Not Yet Extinct

By Lieutenant John Lyman, U. S. Naval Reserve
June 1943
That there is still a place for the sailing ship in the midst of a mechanized civilization was emphasized again recently with the announcement that the Portuguese four-masted bark Foz ...

The Task Before Us

By Lieutenant Commander Richard C. Drum Hunt, Jr., U. S. Navy
June 1943
One morning recently, across the wardroom table, a usually undemonstrative classmate of mine put down his newspaper with an imprecation, to observe: “I see that the Japs are building themselves ...

Book Reviews

June 1943
German Psychological WarfareEdited by Ladislas Farago for the Committee of National Morale.New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons. 1-942. 302 pp. $3.00.Reviewed by Lieutenant (J.G.) James E. Cronin, U. S ...

Notes on International Affairs

June 1943
AMERICA AND THE WARMeeting of Presidents.—In the course of an unreported tour of United States production plants and military bases, President Roosevelt on April 20 crossed the Mexican frontier ...

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