Let's Consider Accounting

By Lieutenant Commander P. J. Searles, (C.E.C.), U. S. Navy
November 1926
I wonder how many officers of the Navy are completely satisfied with the present accounting system as it applies to navy yards and naval stations, industrial and non-industrial. After a ...

A Suggested Smoke Screen Indicator

By Commander W. L. Mann (M.C.), U. S. Navy
November 1926
Description—The device consists of a section of celluloid grad­uated into degrees; at the center of the section two arms are pivoted, one known as the “wind bar” (a) and ...
Depiction of the awful Explosion of the ‘Peace-Maker’ on board the U.S. Steam Frigate.

The "Princeton" Explosion

By Commander A. H. Miles, U. S. Navy
November 1926
The morning edition of the National Intelligencer of Wash­ington, D. C., on the twenty-ninth of February 1844, car­ried the following startling headlines: MOST AWFUL AND LAMENTABLE CATASTROPHE! Instantaneous Death by ...

The Aeronautical Board of the Army and Navy

By Major Jarvis Butler, O.R.C., U. S. Army, Secretary Aeronautical Board
November 1926
The late Captain Nathan Sargent, commanding U. S. S. Baltimore, in accepting the gunnery trophy awarded to that ship, gave all credit to “the officer behind the man behind ...

Some Whys and Wherefores of Power

By Lieutenant E. B. Perry, U. S. Navy
November 1926
One bright spring morning the United States Battle Fleet lay in the North River, resplendent in all of the glory of fresh paint and sun-bleached decks. All halyards were taut ...

The "Shaw"—"Aquitania" Collision

By A. G. Berry, Jr.
November 1926
This is a story of my experiences on the U. S. S. Shaw in her collision with H. M. S. Aquitania while escorting her to Southampton, England, in company with ...

Radio for Aircraft

By Lieutenant H. F. Breckel, U. S. Naval Reserve
November 1926
In effecting a comparison between the present-day meth­ods of radio communication and those of a few years ago, one who has followed the progress of the art cannot but be ...

Notes on the Measurement of Fuel Oil

By Lieutenant S. H. Gambrill, U. S. Navy
November 1926
About a year ago the author was unexpectedly placed in charge of the cargo oil of a Navy fuel ship. Never hav­ing had any engineering experience, the author approached the ...


November 1926
A Further Discussion of Naval Organization from the Industrial Point of View(See Page 1519, August, 1926, Proceedings)Captain C. A. Abele, U. S. Navy—Boiled down the author °f this article argues ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1926
FROM 3 SEPTEMBER TO 3 OCTOBERGERMANY ENTERS LEAGUE OF NATIONSGermany Admitted to League and Council.—As a result of careful preparation by the major powers, and after the resig­nation from the ...

Book Reviews

November 1926
BOOK DEPARTMENTThe Institute Book Department will supply any obtainable naval, pro­fessional, or scientific book at retail price, postage prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of supply ...

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