An Air Policy for the United States

By Edward P. Warner, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 1925
"Policy,” says a recent successor to Noah Webster, “is the system or measures adopted by the sovereign power of a country in the management of public affairs.” In the implication ...

The Great Planetarium of the German Museum in Munich

By Dr. Ing. W. Bauersfeld, Jena; (Translated by G. N. Saegmuller, Vice President, Bausch and Lomb Optical Company, Rochester, New York.)
May 1925
PREFACE TO THE ARTICLE The following article is a translation of a technical paper published in Vol. 68, No. 31 of the Journal of the Vereines Deutscher Ingenieure and is ...

Spalato, 1919

By Lieutenant Commander Richard Stockton Field, U.S N.
May 1925
If the story of the American Navy at Spalato were written in the form of a play it would have the following cast: Rear Admiral NiblackRear Admiral Andrews andCaptain Boyd, ...

Naval Radio Progress

By Lieutenant Harry F. Breckel, U.S.N.R.F.
May 1925
Those of the “old timers” who served with the fleet from 1915 until the end of the late war with Germany and became “past-masters” in the art of controlling the ...

The Abuse of the Court of Inquiry

By Lieutenant Commander T. L. Gatch, U. S. Navy
May 1925
“It is well if the court shall acquit thee;It were best hadst thou never been tried.”*I have referred to the Court of Inquiry only in this article; the Board of ...


May 1925
Blood Is Thicker than Water (See page 91, January, 1925, Proceedings) H. C. Palmer.—It is not often that articles appearing in the Proceedings may be criticized as to accuracy but ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
May 1925
FROM FEBRUARY 23 TO MARCH 23 GERMANY AND THE ALLIED POWERS Foch on German Armament.—On March 3 Marshal Foch as chairman of the Interallied Military Commission presented to the Conference ...

Book Reviews

May 1925
THE MERCHANT NAVY. By Archibald Hurd. Longmans, Green and Company, New York. Vol. I, 1921, $7.50. Vol. II, 1924, $7.50.Reviewed by Rear Admiral Albert Cleaves, U. S. Navy, Ret.Many years ...

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