Torpedo Craft: Types and Employment

By Lieutenant R. H. Jackson, U.S. Navy
January 1900
PRIZE ESSAYMotto: Experientia DocetThe navy list on July 3, 1899, showed that we had, completed, twenty torpedo craft, and building, thirty-three more; in all practically fifty of these vessels.It ...

The Automobile Torpedo and its Uses

By Lieutenant L. H. Chandler, U.S. Navy
January 1900
A DISCUSSION OF THE TORPEDO POLICY BEST ADAPTED FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVAL SERVICEMOTTO:—"In a word, the torpedo has brought into the Navy a fresh zest, a new romance, and ...


January 1900
Captain C. F. GOODRICH, U. S. N.—The prize essay of this year impresses me as a peculiarly logical endeavor to solve an important professional question. Personally I cannot pretend to ...

The Landing at Baiquiri

By Jean Legrand
January 1900
"La Marine Francaise," June, 1899.Translated by Lieut. F. A. Traut, U. S. N. Nearly a year ago, we called attention in this Review to the fact that the disembarkation of ...

The War and its Lessons

By Colonel Sir G. S. Clarke, K. C. M. G., F. R. S.
January 1900
The year 1898 saw the English-speaking peoples engaged in warlike operations in regions widely separated. The conditions of the contests differed organically; but the objects were essentially similar. In both ...

Combined Maritime Operations

By Captain Asa Walker, U.S. Navy
January 1900
*Published by permission of Naval War College.All hostile operations between countries separated by waters, other than rivers, must partake, in a greater or less degree, of the nature of "combined ...

The St. Louis' Cable-Cutting

By Captain Caspar F. Goodrich, U.S. Navy
January 1900
The U. S. S. St. Louis left New York on the 30th of April, 1898, to scout off the island of Guadeloupe in the hope of sighting Cervera's fleet. While ...

Professional Notes

January 1900
BRITISH AND FOREIGN NAVIES. The amount now voted annually for the maintenance of the British navy is beyond all precedent. As shown by a diagram in "Brassey's Annual," our expenditure ...

Bibliographic Notes

January 1900
[AMERICAN.]ARMY AND NAVY REGISTER.DECEMBER 9, 1899. Report of the Secretary of the Navy. An Inconsistency of Law. Naval Personnel.DECEMBER 16. An Artillery Measure. Our Army Ration. Shipbuilding on the Lakes ...

Officers of the Institute

January 1900
President.REAR-ADMIRAL WILLIAM T. SAMPSON, U. S. NAVY. Vice-President. Secretary and Treasurer.LIEUTENANT RICHARD H. JACKSON, U. S. NAVY. Board of Control.Commander RICHARD WAINWRIGHT, U. S. Navy.Lieutenant-Commander AUSTIN M ...

Special Notice

January 1900
NAVAL INSTITUTE PRIZE ESSAY, 1900. A prize of one hundred dollars, with a gold medal, is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented on any subject pertaining ...

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