Scandinavian Experiments with Submarine Mines

Lieut. W. H. Beehler
April 1881
This paper contains some of the most prominent features of the Scandinavian experiments with submarine mines. I have obtained this information from my translation of the official reports entitled:“Rapport ...

A Proposed Armament for the Navy

Commo. E. Simpson
April 1881
My object in addressing the Institute is to ask its attention to the consideration of the important subject of the ordnance of the Navy, and to suggest some ideas which ...

Professional Notes: Deflecting Armor

N. B. Clark
April 1881
To obtain the best results deflecting armor should have a hard, smooth surface, and possess sufficient rigidity to turn the ends of shot and bring them sidewise against it; the ...


W. W. Kimball
April 1881
No publication will be noticed under this head, unless a copy to be deposited in the library of the Institute is sent to the Corresponding Secretary, at Annapolis, Md. All ...

Bibliographic Notices

April 1881
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTICES.AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. PROCEEDINGS, VOL. XVI, Part 2. The bolometer. Prof. S. P. Langley formerly of the Naval Academy has invented a very ingenious and ...

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