A signalman at his post during World War II convoy operations.

On Our Scope

October 2020
World War II ended 75 years ago—and with it, the most epic-scale naval warfare the world has ever seen. We’ve been covering the salient naval historical highlights throughout these 75th ...

In Contact

October 2020
Coverage of Other Navies Mark C. Jones Outgoing editor Richard Latture, in his “On Our Scope” column in the June 2020 issue (p. 2), explains the origin of the article ...
The museum ship Slater, veteran of World War II and the Cold War Hellenic Navy, left her moorings for a shipyard sojourn this summer.

Naval History News

October 2020
WWII Destroyer Escort Heads Down the Hudson On Sunday, 5 July, onlookers gathered on boat decks and along the shoreline to cap off the Fourth of July weekend with a ...
An F-5L from Utility Squadron 1. Note the open cockpits. The tail has red, white, and blue stripes; on the upper wing surfaces are white stars with red center circles on blue circles

A Convoluted Success Story

By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
October 2020
The Curtiss F-5L flying boat probably has the most convoluted history of any aircraft.1 Its predecessors saw action in the Great War (1914–18) and established the flying boat as a ...
Marines of the III Marine Amphibious  Force (MAF) in 1968. III MAF was to be a key component in an invasion that would have  altered the trajectory of the Vietnam War.

Invading North Vietnam

By Colonel Michael F. Morris, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
October 2020
An amphibious invasion that was planned but never happened provides surprising insights into the war in Southeast Asia.
BR-NH-SO-20 opener.jpg

Book Reviews

October 2020
Dunkirk: Operation “Dynamo” 26th May–4th June 1940: An Epic of Gallantry Foreword by Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, Royal Navy (Retired); introduction by M. J. Pearce. Dartmouth, UK: Britannia Museum Trust ...
The Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre has been open to the public since 2005.

Jewel in the Crown Down Under

By William Twaddell
October 2020
Located on Garden Island in the heart of Sydney Harbour is one of the jewels of Australia—the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre. More a treasure chest than a single jewel ...

Pieces of the Past

By Jeff Harding
October 2020
“First copy signed with the Woo gift pen and second copy signed with my old green Parker pen.” Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz penned these words in a letter to ...