An F-5L from Utility Squadron 1. Note the open cockpits. The tail has red, white, and blue stripes; on the upper wing surfaces are white stars with red center circles on blue circles
A Sikorsky HO3S-1 helicopter rests on the carrier USS Philippine Sea (CV-47) during the Korean War. These helicopters were flown in large numbers during the conflict for VIP and mail delivery, search and rescue, gunfire spotting—and mine-spotting.
The Navy’s first airship—the DN-1
A P2Y-1 of Patrol Squadron 10F in flight, 1934.
Ground-to-ground left front view of an EA-6B Prowler with crew standing outside
Left profile drawing of Martin SC-1 Bureau of Aeronautics No. A-6804
Ground-to-ground right side rear view of a XF5U-1 prototype aircraft
Nieuport 28 aircraft taking off from a platform atop a 14-inch gun turret on a U.S. battleship about 1921