Captain Walker D. Mills is a U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer serving as an exchange officer in Cartagena, Colombia and is the 2021 Military Fellow with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, a Non-Resident Fellow with the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future War and a Non-Resident WSD-Handa Fellow at Pacific Forum.

Articles by Walker D. Mills

A Marine Corps unmanned systems operator on the USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19). Marine detachments equipped with small and medium-sized unmanned systems deployed on board Navy warships could provide an organic aviation and over-the-horizon ISR capability.

Augment the Fleet with Marine Corps UASs

By Captain Walker Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, and Lieutenant Commanders Collin Fox and Dylan Phillips-Levine and Commander Trevor Phillips-Levine, U.S. Navy
March 2024
While every Marine is a rifleman, the high-end fight demands that every rifleman be ready to support the Navy fleet from the air, land, and sea.
Sailors assigned to the littoral combat ship USS Charleston (LCS-18)

How the Navy Can Avoid a 21st-Century Gallipoli

By Lieutenant Commanders Trevor Phillips-Levine, Dylan Phillips-Levine, Collin Fox, U.S. Navy; and Captain Walker Mills, U.S. Marine Corps
January 2022
The disastrous ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in April 1915 was attempted after a failed mine countermeasures operation to open the Dardanelles Strait. The U.S. Navy can avoid a similar fate.
unmanned vehicle

Use Loitering Munitions Against Ships

By Captain Walker D. Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, and Lieutenant Joseph Hanacek and Lieutenant Commander Dylan Phillips-Levine, U.S. Navy
December 2021
Equipping infantry Marines with loitering munitions to employ against adversary surface vessels will keep them relevant in littoral combat.
military vehicles

Need Fuel? Marines Should Make Moonshine Hydrogen

By Captain Walker Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, and Erik Limpaecher
November 2021
The 2021 Emerging and Disruptive Technologies Essay Contest—Third Prize, sponsored by MITRE. Having Marine Corps units produce hydrogen fuel on the battlefield could revolutionize logistics and provide clear tactical benefits.

Use Emerging Technology For ASW

By Captain Walker Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, and Lieutenant Commanders Collin Fox, Dylan Phillips-Levine, and Trevor Phillips-Levine, U.S. Navy
October 2021
The Navy needs innovative antisubmarine platforms to defend against the growing undersea threat.