A graduate of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in 1922, Captain Ohmae served in World War II on the Staff of the 8th Fleet and of the Southeast Area Fleet (1942 and 1943), the Staff of the Mobile Fleet (1944), and was Chief, Operational Section, Imperial General Headquarters, Navy Section (1945). After the war he held a number of positions in connection with historical research on the war and was Senior Special Consultant, Military History Section.

Articles by Toshikazu Ohmae

Japanese Naval Aviation

By Captain Toshikazu Ohmae (formerly with the Imperial Japanese Navy), and Captain Roger Pineau, U.S. Naval Reserve
December 1972
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American cruiser caught in the searchlights of a Japanese ship during the Battle of Savo Island

The Battle of Savo Island

By Captain Toshikazu Ohmae, former Imperial Japanese Navy; Edited by Roger Pineau
December 1957
A complete account of the Battle of Savo Island from the Japanese point of view.
Smoke rising from the USS St. Lo after hits from a kamikazes

With Kurita in the Battle for Leyte Gulf

By Rear Admiral Tomiji Koyanagi, former Imperial Japanese Navy
February 1953
In 1944 I was chief of staff to Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita, Commander in Chief of the Second Fleet of the Japanese Navy. Built around powerful battleships and cruisers, this ...
Gun crews aboard ship stand by at their posts as Japanese bombers provided this sobering welcome for a U.S. warship sailing into port at Guadalcana

Japanese Commentary on Guadalcanal

By Captain Toshikazu Ohmae, Imperial Japanese Navy
January 1951
Analyzing the contributing causes for the failure at Guadalcanal and how the operational concept of the Japanese Navy changed during the campaign.