Lieutenant James Martin, U.S. Coast Guard, is a cutterman who has served on three Coast Guard cutters, including as commanding officer of the USCGC Ibis (WPB-87338), and holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in naval architecture and marine engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Articles by James Martin

commanding officer

Learn To Say No

By Lieutenant James Martin, U.S. Coast Guard
October 2021
Communication is crucial in any relationship, but especially so for a junior commanding officer managing a relationship with an operational command.
Though smugglers might still find existing trafficking methods superior to unmanned systems, the Coast Guard must be prepared to counter the technology with creative solutions.

The War on Drugs on Autopilot

By Lieutenants Jasper Campbell and James Martin, U.S. Coast Guard
January 2021
The Coast Guard must be ready for the potential impact of autonomous vessel technology on its highest visibility mission: counternarcotics
Cuttermen scrub down the cutter Bainbridge Island (WPB-1343)

Don’t Let the Salt Build Up

By Lieutenant James Martin, U.S. Coast Guard
November 2019
Strong leaders must not “let the salt build up” among their crew by embodying a culture of servant leadership, discipline, and respect on board their ships.