Commander Christopher Nelson, U.S. Navy, is an intelligence officer stationed at the Office of Naval Intelligence.  He is a graduate of the Naval War College and the Navy’s Maritime Advanced Warfighting School in Newport, RI.

Articles by Christopher Nelson

intelligence specialist in the command control center

Sailors Must Do Data Science at Sea

By Commanders Jonathan Wiens and Christopher Nelson, U.S. Navy
February 2023
Solving the information needs of the afloat commander requires onboard analysts who can not only access, exploit, clean, and analyze data, but who also can develop analytic tools.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Colin Powell greets Captain Swartz at his retirement ceremony in 1993

A Naval Strategist Speaks

By Commander Christopher Nelson, U.S. Navy
May 2019
An interview with retired Navy Captain Peter Swartz on his career as a naval strategist, which has spanned more than five decades.