Barrett Tillman is a widely recognized authority on air warfare in World War II and the author of more than forty nonfiction and fiction books on military topics. He has received six awards for history and literature, including the Admiral Arthur Radford Award. He lives in Mesa, Arizona.

Articles by Barrett Tillman

Farewell to Midway’s Best

By Barrett Tillman
February 2002
Richard Halsey Best, the longest surviving squadron commander in the Battle of Midway, passed away on 28 October 2001. He was 92. Best was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy ...
he USS Comfort at anchor off Okinawa. Though clearly identifiable as a noncombatant, she suffered a devastating kamikaze attack in April 1945—the worst ordeal endured by a U.S. Navy hospital ship in World War II.

Mercy Afloat

By Barrett Tillman
August 2020
From ancient days to the Age of Sail to the year of COVID-19, hospital ships have been welcome vessels of healing and hope.
Portrait of Vergil E. Bloomquist

Verg’s War

By Barrett Tillman
August 2019
“I never forget the most important part, losing friends in combat. I learned what life meant.”
Carrier Air Group (CVG) 11 planes are arrayed on the flight deck of the USS Hornet (CV-12)

The Tale of Eleven

By Barrett Tillman
August 2019
They flew into legend in combat over the Pacific, eventually becoming the heroes of the Hornet; here is the story of Carrier Air Group 11.