March 2014
Lieutenant Commander Benjamin “BJ” Armstrong is a naval aviator currently serving in the Pentagon, as well as a research student with the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, and ...
Courtesy of the Author

'Take Veracruz at Once'

By Jack Sweetman
March 2014
On the eve of World War I, on the shores of a nation not at war with America, the largest U.S. naval landing of the era unfolded.
Courtesy NOAA HURL Archives

Voyage of Rediscovery

By James P. Delgado
March 2014
An inside look at the underwater expedition that discovered the Japanese super sub I-400 in the Pacific depths.
National Archives

From Singapore to Halifax

By Robert C. Stern
March 2014
They may not have had the starring role of carriers, battleships, or destroyers, but the troopships of Convoy WS-12X saw more than their share of action after setting out in ...
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Museum Report - Ontario’s Forgotten Relic

By Andrew Hind
March 2014
Although Ontario’s Fort Mississauga is recognized as a National Historic Site, unlike other Canadian fortresses of its era—Fort York in Toronto, Fort Henry in Kingston, and nearby Fort George—it hasn’t ...
The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia

Naval History News

March 2014
Funding Problems Close Monitor Center LabThe Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, has announced that due to lack of federal funding it will temporarily close the 5,000-square-foot conservation lab that ...

Book Reviews

March 2014
Message in a Model: Stories from the Navy Model Room of the RijksmuseumAb Hoving. Florence, OR: Sea Watch Books, LLC. 246 pp. Illus. Glossary. Map. $68.Reviewed by Andrew ...
Lynx Educational Foundation (Jeffrey Woods)

On Our Scope

March 2014
During the first two years of the War of 1812 bicentennial, our Naval History content has focused on the U.S. Navy’s blue-water and northern lakes operations during the conflict. But ...
Richard Latture

Pieces of the Past

March 2014
Any sailor knows that being in the service involves maintaining a veritable wardrobe of diverse uniforms for various contingencies and conditions, and that sartorial fact of Navy life was as ...
Edgar Stanton Maclay, A History of American Privateers (1899)

Yes, Privateers Mattered

By Frederick C. Leiner
March 2014
A recent trend among historians to ignore or discount American privateering’s important role in the War of 1812 is plain wrong.
Mystic Seaport

Obstinate and Audacious

By Kevin D. McCranie
March 2014
Fast, elusive, and tough when need be, the Prince de Neufchatel was one of the War of 1812’s most successful privateers.
Library of Congress

A Daring Defense in the Azores

By Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Armstrong, U.S. Navy
March 2014
At the 1814 Battle of Fayal, Britain’s finest outnumbered the privateersmen 4 to 1—but odds can be misleading.
The USS Hornet Museum

In Contact

March 2014
Behind the Scenes of The Fighting LadyMajor Norman T. Hatch, U.S. Marine Corps ReserveOn sailing through the February issue of Naval History I read “On Our Scope” (p ...