June 2014
Norman C. Delaney was named the Naval History 2011 Author of the Year for a pair of articles about Kearsarge and Alabama sailors: “‘I Didn’t Feel Excited a Mite’” (December ...
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

On Our Scope

By Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief
June 2014
About two weeks after D-Day, U.S. Navy Captain Harry “Savvy” Sanders, commander of Destroyer Squadron 18, recapped his experiences on 6 June 1944 in a letter to his friend Captain ...

The Caine Mutiny

By Paul Stillwell
June 2014
In brief, Ensign Willie Keith, a fictional alter ego for author Herman Wouk, was commissioned as a 90-day wonder reserve officer. He traveled to Pearl Harbor in 1943 to join ...

In Contact

June 2014
The U.S. La Guardia de la Costa—Not Navy Captain Earle L. Sullivan, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired) I greatly enjoyed Jack Sweetman’s April article about U.S. forces landing in Veracruz and ...
U.S. Navy (David MacLean)

The Navy’s Ramjet Missile

By Norman Friedman
June 2014
The Aegis integrated weapons system currently on board more than 70 U.S. Navy cruisers and destroyers is a lineal descendant of the service’s original antiaircraft missile system, which featured a ...
Courtesy of Joanna Blake

Naval History News

June 2014
Olympia to Keep Floating in Philadelphia The next phase in the USS Olympia’s life has been decided: She will stay in Philadelphia under the stewardship of the Independence Seaport ...
J.M. Caiella

Historic Aircraft - The Little Birds

By Norman Polmar
June 2014
Probably the world’s best-known helicopter is the Bell H-13—flown by the Navy as the HTL and HUL. Beginning with the feature film M*A*S*H in 1970 and in 256 episodes of ...
"The Battle for Fox Green Beach, D-Day Normandy" by Dwight Shepler

'The Navy Saved Our Hides'

By Craig L. Symonds
June 2014
Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944: As U.S. soldiers faced a wall of German gunfire, tin-can sailors came to the rescue and tipped the scale toward victory.
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

Lost to Enemy Action

Compiled by the Staff of Naval History
June 2014
A compendium of vivid firsthand accounts by U.S. Navy officers of sinking and survival amid the smoke and fury of the Normandy invasion.
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

Saving Nimitz's 'Graybook'

By John B. Hattendorf
June 2014
It’s 4,000 pages of World War II Pacific primary-source gold—and now the hitherto hard-to-access material has entered the cyber age.
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

The Impossible Salvage

By Hiller B. Zobel
June 2014
Damn the difficulties, full speed ahead: How the U.S. Navy assembled the right team of indefatigable souls to recover the sunken sub S-51 in the 1920s.

Book Reviews

June 2014
The Shining Sea: David Porter and the Epic Voyage of the U.S.S. Essex during the War of 1812 George C. Daughan. New York: Basic Books, 2013. 322 pp. Notes. Biblio ...
Andrew K. Blackley

Pieces of the Past

June 2014
When Royal Navy Admiral John “Jackie” Fisher saw his brainchild, HMS Dreadnought, slide down the ways at her launch on 10 February 1906, could he have imagined that parts ...