Picking Winners?

By Richard B. Frank
May 2011
FDR'ss secret list of top flag officers in 1942 offers a lesson in 20/20 hindsight—especially considering who's not on the list.
Battleship North Carolina (www.battleshipnc.com)

The Reverend of Iwo Jima

By Major General Jarvis D. Lynch Jr., U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
May 2011
Garrison commander, spymaster, Buddhist priest—Tsunezo Wachi was a complex character, a formidable foe, and an amazing postwar friend.
U.S. Naval Institute Archive

Flight Line

By Hill Goodspeed, Historian, National Naval Aviation Museum
May 2011
The Interwar Transformation In an era often referred to as the “Golden Age of Aviation”—one marked by the thrilling spectacle of air races, record-setting flights, and larger-than-life personalities—naval aviation was ...
National Archives

An Experiment Proves Her Mettle in War

By Robert J. Cressman
May 2011
Shortly before Christmas of 1940, on board the heavy cruiser Tuscaloosa (CA-37), President Franklin Delano Roosevelt brooded over a missive from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. An appended table showed ...
The Granger Collection

Chilean Standoff

By Howard J. Fuller
May 2011
The war between Spain and the United States almost started more than 30 years before “Remember the Maine,” during a tense showdown at Valparaiso, Chile.