On Our Scope

By Fred L. Schultz, Editor-in-Chief
April 2005
In 2004, Naval History’s parent organization, the U.S. Naval Institute, decided to change the format of the seminar program that traditionally complemented the organization’s Annual Meeting. The program, which ...

Hellish Prelude at Okinawa

By Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
April 2005
The strategy 60 years ago is to seize Okinawa as a staging ground for the invasion of the Japanese mainland. It comes at a painfully high price.

Not Allowed to Be Boring

An Interview with David Halberstam
April 2005
The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and historian talks about his craft, a book he wrote on the Vietnam War, and one he is writing on Korea.
Illustration of a U.S. Navy expedition in the Holy Land

Burning with Brimstone

By Andrew C. A. Jampoler
April 2005
A new Naval Institute Press book looks back on what became known as the Lynch Expedition, an 1840s exploring foray into the Dead Sea.

Force Rules the World Still

By H. W. Brands
April 2005
Theodore Roosevelt was an unlikely navalist; had he not been President, he might have been remembered as a historian and big-game hunter. Perhaps more than any other person, however, his ...

The ‘New’ Sailor

By James R. Reckner
April 2005
This 1908 photo taken in Sydney, Australia, of an unidentified but “thoroughly modern” young sailor first motivated the author of the book, Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, to study enlisted ...