Marines on Wake Island fire a .30-caliber Browning machine gun on 23 December 1941—the final day of fighting—in this illustration by artist Albin Henning.
A signalman at his post during World War II convoy operations.
Aaron Schneider directs Tom Hanks in a Greyhound scene.
Launched on 24 November 1859, France’s La Gloire was the world’s first oceangoing ironclad battleship.
Kamikaze pilot Shunsuke Tomiyasu
Illustrator McClelland Barclay's sketch of Lieutenant Commander Samuel Eliot Morison
William Forbes-Sempill shows Japanese Admiral Heihachiro Togo the interior of a British-built Sparrowhawk fighter in 1921.
Verg Bloomquist posing with the August 2019 issue of Naval History
The Battle of the River Plate Movie Poster
Troops from USS LCI(L)-30 reach the beach in the second wave of the invasion of Sarmi, Dutch New Guinea