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A U.S. Marine fires an M18 pistol during a marksmanship competition on Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan. In determining marksmanship proficiency, nearly every points-based system fails to appropriately measure or integrate speed into outcomes. Until recently, the Marine Corps relied on points-based systems for logistical simplicity, not for their ties to lethality.
A Fleet Readiness Center East worker demonstrates using laser ablation to remove a swath of coating from an aircraft engine container. Laser ablation employs a noncontact technique to remove material, eliminating the need for mechanical tools and significantly reducing the amount of noise and waste produced.
An aerial view of the Coast Guard’s sole shipyard, located in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Textron Systems Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV), shown here, can be used for mine sweeping and neutralization. At approximately 12 meters long, the CUSV would benefit from a new “green over red” light scheme to warn civilian mariners in its operating area.