Thomas C. Hone is a former senior executive in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and a former member of the faculty of the Naval War College with a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. He is the author or coauthor of three books on naval administration and innovation, the coauthor of a book on the Navy between the world wars, and an award-winning author of articles and essays on naval and military affairs. He resides in Arlington, VA.

Articles by Thomas Hone

Neglected Legacy: Navy Seaplanes

By Thomas C. Hone and William J. Armstrong
December 1999
The U.S. Navy bought its first aircraft in 1911, a Curtiss amphibian called the A-1 Triad. The flying boat’s potential was exploited in World War I, but the float plane’s ...
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The Fleets Visit Panama

By Thomas C. Hone
July 2013
To the Navy, Panama in 1921 meant “major fleet exercise.” To the Prohibition-era sailors, it meant “major shore leave!”
U.S. Navy (Wade McKinnon)

When the Well Runs Dry

By Thomas C. Hone
April 2012
The threat of budget cuts is nothing new to the U.S. Navy, as Admiral Forrest P. Sherman and the other officers who battled for the survival of the post–World War ...

The Key to a Surge Navy

by Dr. Thomas Hone
February 2011
The “surge” model developed by the Center for Naval Analyses has the bulk of U.S. Navy combat power – the Second, Third, and Fourth fleets – based in the United ...

We Have a Process for Transformation

By Dr. Thomas C. Hone
January 2004
In responding to Commander Jeff Huber's October 2003 article ("Invasion of the Transformers"), Captain Thomas Davis agrees with other critics that defense "transformation" is "a parlor trick that will produce ...

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