RADM Shrikhande is a graduate of both the Soviet Naval War College (1988) and the U.S. Naval War College (2003). He has served at sea and been defense attaché in Australia. As a flag officer, he served as head of Naval Intelligence, as chief of staff of the Indian Navy’s training command, in various joint staff positions, and in the nuclear forces. In retirement, he teaches at several institutions spanning strategy, operational art, and the Peloponnesian War, and leadership and ethics while studying for a PhD.

Articles by Sudarshan Shrikhande

A nonbinding 2019 U.N. vote to restore Diego Garcia to Mauritius has cast doubt on the future of the U.S. air base

The Indian Ocean Region 2019

By Rear Admiral Sudarshan Shrikhande, Indian Navy (Retired)
June 2024
China is here to “stay, play, and have a say” (as this author has written elsewhere). The intertwining of continental and maritime strategies underwritten by the scale and ambition of ...