Well known in naval circles for his Maritime History of Massachusetts and for his biographies of Columbus (Admiral of the Ocean Sea) and John Paul Jones (A Sailor’s Biography), Admiral Morison’s most famous achievement was his multi-volume History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II, made possible by President Roosevelt’s commissioning him as a lieutenant commander and giving him carte blanche access to the events as they were happening during the war. Morison was later named the Jonathan Trumbull Professor of American History at Harvard University and ultimately retired as a rear admiral in 1951. He was the recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes, two Bancroft Prizes, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Articles by Samuel Morison

The Battle of Surigao Strait*

By Rear Admiral Samuel E. Morison, USNR (Ret.)
December 1958
At fifteen minutes after noon on October 24, 1944, Vice Admiral Kinkaid alerted every combatant and merchant ship under his command to prepare for a night engagement. He correctly estimated ...

Plymouth Colony Beachhead

By Rear Admiral S. E. Morison, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
December 1954
The landing of the Pilgrim Fathers on Plymouth Rock is perhaps the best known event of American history. It has been the theme of so much purple prose, so many ...

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