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Dr. Norton is a University of Connecticut professor emeritus. His books include Joshua Barney: Hero of the Revolution and 1812 (Naval Institute Press, 2000); Captains Contentious: The Dysfunctional Sons of the Brine (University of South Carolina Press, 2009); and Sailing under John Paul Jones (McFarland, 2019).

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Soldier-mariners ferry Washington's troops across the Delaware River.

Leading on Land and Water

By Louis Arthur Norton
February 2020
Salty New England mariners-turned-heroes of the Revolution, Silas Talbot and John Glover would prove crucial to General Washington when it came to transporting the troops.
“Splice the Main Brace,” Proceedings, Nov. 1937

Rum: The Spirit of the Sea

By Louis Arthur Norton
April 2017
The naval tradition of consuming alcohol at sea has a long history. In the beginning, this attempt to reduce some of the boredom of shipboard duty was a public-health measure ...
Julian O. Davidson’s 1884 USS Constitution Escaping the British, July 1812

The Constitution's Great Escape

By Louis Arthur Norton
May 2012
Sometimes the most dramatic chase scenes unfold in slow motion; only ingenuity and sweat-equity, not full sails, saved the Constitution in July 1812.

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Paul H. Silverstone, Colin Babb & Louis Arthur Norton
April 2001
War at Sea in the Ironclad Age Richard Hill. London: Cassell, 2000. 224 pp. Photos. Maps. Bib. Index. $29.95 ($26.95). Reviewed by Paul H. Silverstone The exciting and glamorous picture ...

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