Dr. John Prados

Dr. Prados is a senior analyst at the National Security Archive and a historian based in Washington, DC. His books include Storm over Leyte: The Philippine Invasion and the Destruction of the Japanese Navy (Dutton Caliber, 2016). For more information, visit his website at johnprados.com.

Articles by John Prados

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor at 80

By John Prados
December 2021
The 1941 attack that pulled America into global conflict was a seismic event in 20th-century history—and to this day, controversies continue and questions remain.
German Fleet Surrender WWI

Twilight of the High Seas Fleet

By John Prados
April 2009
The assumption that after Jutland Germany's surface fleet sat out the rest of World War I obscures what it actually accomplished in the conflict's final years.

Waging War with Cardboard Navies

By John Prados
August 2006
Wargames have long been used as Navy training tools. But outside Naval War College classrooms board wargames are also a popular way to explore military history by figuratively putting oneself ...