Mr. Domagalski is the author of Under a Blood Red Sun: The Remarkable Story of PT Boats in the Philippines and the Rescue of General MacArthur (Casemate, 2014) and Into the Dark Water: The Story of Three Officers and PT-109 (Casemate, 2014).

Articles by John J. Domagalski


First Strike

By John J. Domagalski
February 2022
The January 1942 raid on Balikpapan was more than just the U.S. Navy’s first sea battle of the Pacific war; it was a lifeline tossed to a fleet’s damaged spirits.

Prewar Voyage Down Under

By John J. Domagalski
February 2017
Rear Admiral John Henry Newton, on board the USS Chicago (CA-29), did not know his ultimate destination as the Northampton-class heavy cruiser gracefully sailed out of Pearl Harbor in early ...