Carl LaVO is the author of Slade Cutter and Back from the Deep. He has written many articles for Proceedings and Naval History, and a variety of general-interest periodicals. He has also appeared on the History Channel and lives in Bucks County, PA.

Articles by Carl Lavo

National Geographic Society

Incredible Voyage

By Carl LaVO
June 2010
It was tough at times, but history was made when the USS Triton went around the world submerged.
nautilus under the arctic ice, courtesy of the bridgeman art gallery

'Out-Sputniking' the Soviets

By Carl LaVo
August 2008
As the United States struggled to enter the space race in 1958, the U.S. Navy won a strategic undersea race when the USS Nautilus became the first submarine to reach ...

The Wahoo Discovered

By Carl LaVO
February 2007
A shot from a Japanese shore battery evidently led to the destruction of one of World War II's most celebrated submarines, the USS Wahoo.

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