Admiral Brian B. Schofield, RN.

A graduate of the Royal Naval Colleges, Osborne and Dartmouth, Admiral Schofield commanded the cruiser Galatea and the battleships Duke of York and King George V during World War II. From 1941 to 1943, he was Director of the Trade Division (Convoy and Routing) of the Admiralty. Subsequently he was Chief of Staff to the Admiral, British Joint Services Mission, Washington, D. C. Author of The Royal Navy Today, Oxford University Press, 1960, he is also naval correspondent to the Army (Defence) Quarterly and is a regular contributor to Brassey’s Armed Forces Annual, The Navy, and other journals.

Articles by Brian B. Schofield

Sentinels at the Bridge

by Vice Admiral B. B. Schofield, Royal Navy (Retired)
October 1967
Forty years ago the sound of the British Tommy’s boots in a sun-baked city’s streets reverberated throughout the Middle East.

At Full Stretch

by Vice Admiral B. B. Schofield, Royal Navy (Retired)
April 1965
The Royal Navy finds its thin line of warships stretched further and further by a policy of retrenchment at Whitehall and increased commitments abroad.