Naval History Magazine - December 2013 Volume 27, Number 6

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Arriving on Tarawa’s Betio Island, the author found danger, horror, and devastation punctuated by brief glimpses of beauty and humor.

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  • On Our Scope

    Lasting 5½ years, the Battle of the Atlantic was World War II’s longest struggle. While the Royal Navy shouldered most of the burden of organizing and waging the prolonged campaign, Atlantic antisubmarine operations were of extreme...

  • Looking Back - The Man in the Hat
    By Paul Stillwell

    Pictures of his face and Stetson hat are familiar ones to Americans of a certain age. On 24 November 1963, half a century ago, Dallas Police detective Jim Leavelle was handcuffed...

  • The Navy's Escort Carrier Offensive
    By Jeffrey G. Barlow
    In the spring of 1943, U-boats became the prey when U.S. aircraft carriers built on merchant-ship hulls entered the Battle of the Atlantic.

    With the outcome of Germany’s all-out U-boat assault on...

  • The Life and Death of U-67
    By Eric Mills
    When the German sub met her fate at the hands of an Avenger bomber in 1943, most of the crew were lost—but the photos and recollections of one of the few survivors offer insights into the life of a wolf-pack sailor....
  • The American Bonaparte
    By Andrew C. A. Jampoler
    The 37th secretary of the Navy was more than just the grandnephew of Emperor Napoleon; he was a trusted confidant of President Theodore Roosevelt.

    Among the 83 secretaries of the Navy, the 37th, Charles...

  • Taking Charge on Red Beach Two
    By Douglas R. Pricer
    Turned down by the Navy, Bill Bordelon joined the Marines and rose to become one of the Corps’ legendary heroes of the Battle of Tarawa.

    The 20–24 November 1943 battle for Tarawa Atoll’s...

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  • In Contact

    Fantasy of Flight

    Byron A. Nilsson

    I read with interest the “The Navy’s Aerial Oscar” by David Sears (August, pp. 52...

  • Armaments and Innovations - The Shoebox that Transformed Antiaircraft Fire Control
    By Thomas Wildenberg

    In the spring of 1941, the staff of the fire-control section in the newly reorganized Bureau of Ordnance’s Research and Development Division was struggling with the problem...

  • Naval History News

    Historic Tug’s Fate Sealed

    She earned four battle stars, survived the Battle of Iwo Jima, carried out heroic rescues during “the Perfect Storm,” and served 46 years in between, but time and a lack of money have caught...

  • Historic Fleets - Gunboat on the Great River
    By Robert J. Cressman

    Flying her largest colors to proclaim neutrality amid China’s revolutionary strife, the American gunboat Monocacy, painted a somber gray “war color,”...

  • Historic Aircraft - The Really Big One
    By Norman Polmar

    By the time the United States entered World War II at the end of 1941, the Navy had recognized the need for long-range transport aircraft for both passengers and cargo. This...

  • Book Reviews

    The War Below: The Story of Three Submarines that Battled Japan

    James Scott. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2013. 426 pp. Illus. Notes. Index. $28.

    Reviewed by Colonel John Abbatiello, U.S. Air Force (Retired)...

  • Scenes from the Storm
    By Captain Earl J. Wilson, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
    Arriving on Tarawa’s Betio Island, the author found danger, horror, and devastation punctuated by brief glimpses of beauty and humor.

    More and more debris filled the water as we neared the desolate...

  • Contributors

    Jeffrey G. Barlow is a historian with the Naval History and Heritage Command. He has written more than a dozen chapters for books on the U.S. Navy in World War II and the Cold War and is the author of two award-winning histories...

  • Triumph of Civil War 'Jointness'
    By Commander Michael A. Reed, U.S. Navy, with Commander John T. Kuehn, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    After ingloriously failing in their first attempt, the Union Navy and Army relied on teamwork to capture Fort Fisher, the Confederacy’s most powerful surviving strongpoint.

    Amid a bombardment from...

  • A Boy at Copenhagen, 1801
    By Jack Sweetman
    Among the eyewitnesses to one of the great battles of the Age of Nelson was a ten-year-old destined to lead an eventful life during the Napoleonic wars and beyond.

    It seems paradoxical that most great sea...

  • Bloody Dawn in Penang
    By Todd Crowell
    One of the handful of Russian warships to survive the 1905 Battle of Tsushima Strait met a humiliating end less than a decade later.

    At the foot of Western Hill in George Town, on Malaysia’s Penang...

  • Museum Report - The International Yacht Restoration School
    By William Galvani

    Across sparkling Newport Harbor from the Museum of Yachting is its partner institution, the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS). One preserves yachts and the lore of...

  • Pieces of the Past

    This rare curiosity from the captured-weapons collection at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia, may be one of the last of its kind, according to German military researcher Michael Heidler. He came across the object on a...


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