June 2016
Jeremy Black is a native of Great Britain, a professor of history at the University of Exeter, England, and a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Center for ...
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On Our Scope

June 2016
In Naval History, we try to recognize small but significant naval anniversaries as well as large and momentous ones, such as the centennial of the Battle of Jutland. It ...
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Looking Back - A Royal at Jutland

By Paul Stillwell
June 2016
Te volume on the shelf in the U.S. Naval Academy’s Nimitz Library looked unimpressive. The binding showed tears, and the book was faded and marred by long-ago ink stains. Dirt ...
Courtesy of C. Ashby Sloop

In Contact

June 2016
In Praise of the WilbursCommander Peter B. Mersky, U.S Naval Reserve (Retired) I was very glad to see the note about Morgan Wilbur in the April issue (“Naval History ...
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Naval History News

June 2016
Happy Birthday, Dreadnought (Guitar, That Is)One hundred years ago, the warship that dominated the waves was the formidable dreadnought battleship. But a different type of dreadnought came into being in ...
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Jutland's Place in History

By Jeremy Black
June 2016
A century ago, looking for another Trafalgar, the Royal Navy steamed into battle against the Imperial German Navy off the Jutland Peninsula. But the outcomes of the two contests were ...

The Lützow’s Trial by Fire

By Gary Staff
June 2016
Big, fast, and strong, the battlecruiser Lützow led the German line of battle at Jutland, hammering British capital ships and absorbing an amazing number of hits in return.
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The Tragic Indy's Enduring Fascination

By S. Scot Christenson
June 2016
The circumstances surrounding the sinking of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) and its aftermath have fascinated and horrified the public for more than 70 years. This evolving saga has played out in ...
Joe Rice

The Marine Aviation Experience in Vietnam

By Commander Peter B. Mersky, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
June 2016
The first Marine Corps aviation squadron arrived in South Vietnam in April 1962 to help the struggling Republic of Vietnam fight a civil war against communist insurgents. Marine Medium Helicopter ...
U.S. Naval Academy Museum

'The Firing Here Became Continual'

By Norman C. Delaney
June 2016
Although the dramatic Civil War duel between the U.S. sloop-of-war Kearsarge and the Confederate raider Alabama has been recounted by officers of both vessels and in journals kept by five ...
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Japanese Success at Okinawa

By Lieutenant Commander Richard S. Lee, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy
June 2016
The Battle of Okinawa, the largest land battle of World War II’s Pacific theater, was the conflict’s amphibious high-water mark for the number of men landed, casualties incurred, and military ...
J. M. Caiella

Historic Ships - A Very Short Life

By J. M. Caiella
June 2016
One of 50 ships designed by the U.S. Maritime Commission as a “small airplane transport with flight deck,” the USS St. Lo (CVE-63) bore her name for just 15 days ...

Book Reviews

June 2016
The Battleship BookRobert M. Farley. Rockville, MD: Wildside Press, 2015. 256 pp. Biblio. Illus. $19.99.Reviewed by Paul StillwellIn the event of a survey course called Battleship 101, Robert ...
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Pieces of the Past

June 2016
Baseball memorabilia collectors just love to get their hands on a ball covered with the autographs of a winning team’s players—and if it’s a lineup that made Major League history ...