U.S. Navy (Blake Midnight)

SEALs: 50 Years and Counting

By Dick Couch
January 2012
Heirs to the underwater demolition team legacy, forged in the fires of Vietnam, the sea-air-land men became one of the world’s most elite forces.
Courtesy of the Author

Rescue on Guam Patrol

By Lieutenant Commander Robert Bernier, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
January 2012
It was a vast ocean and a daunting search, but these Cold War reservists knew that the lives of downed-plane survivors hung in the balance.
Jen Mabe

A Museum Reborn

By William S. Dudley
January 2012
The Naval Academy Museum’s renovation was well worth the time and expense; now more than ever, it’s a naval-history lover’s target destination.
Dorothy Stratton

The First SPAR

By Paul Stillwell
January 2012
For about four decades, the top ship commands for Coast Guard captains were “the big white ones,” the high-endurance cutter Hamilton (WHEC-715) and her 11 sisters. Ships of the class ...
Lithograph of the steam frigate Missouri burning at Gibraltar

‘An Ornament to the Navy’

By Robert J. Cressman
January 2012
By the flickering light of a globe lantern, Coal-heaver John Sutton, earning his $18 a month (as much as a ship’s cook or a coxswain), entered the starboard-side engineer’s storeroom ...
Naval History and Heritage Command

At War with the Army

By Alan Rems
January 2012
Sometimes you have to remind yourself who the enemy is—witness the often intense interservice frictions of the Pacific war.
National Archives

The Ugliest Bandage on Iwo Jima

By Colonel Charles A. Jones, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)
January 2012
When a World War II Marine and corpsman reconnected years later, a decades-old oversight was corrected and a Purple Heart awarded at last.