Colonel Charles Waterhouse, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired) and The Waterhouse Museum

70 Miles of Cold, Hard Road

By Lieutenant Colonel Glen G. Butler, U.S. Marine Corps
December 2010
The 1st Marine Division’s breakout from the Chosin Reservoir was a defining moment, both in the Korean War and in the history of the Corps.
Library of Congress

Navies at Bay

By Roger Dingman
December 2010
Instead of the intended era of peace and stability, the interwar naval arms limitation treaties paved the way for a second global conflict at sea.
Julian Davidson, Hauling Down the Flag/Library of Congress

'I Didn't Feel Excited a Mite'

By Norman C. Delaney
December 2010
The Confederate raider Alabama was the scourge of the seas until the Kearsarge put her out of business. In the fray, a Union crewman became a hero.
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

Outcome Never in Doubt

By Mark Felton
December 2010
As Japanese forces closed in on Hong Kong in 1941, outnumbered British defenders managed to mount a spirited delaying action.
U.S. Navy

Backtracking in Brown Water

By Rolland Kidder
December 2010
A Vietnam War veteran returns to the Mekong Delta with an old comrade for another journey upriver—but not in a Navy PBR this time.
National Archives

The Kamikaze's Wallet

By Randolph Bartlett with Kan Sugahara
December 2010
The Japanese pilot sacrificed himself in a fiery crash; years later, an American naval officer’s son set out to identify the mystery flier.