On Our Scope

By Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief
February 2007
Twenty years ago, the staff of Proceedings was pulling double duty—putting out the monthly journal as well as working on the premier issue of Naval History. Ever since its own ...

Rising Above Bias

By Alan P. Dean
February 2007
On board the USS Wisconsin, the cramped junior officers’ bunkroom was an expansive universe where open minds, fairness, and a commitment to do the right thing prevailed.

A Real Jack Aubrey?

By Max Adams
February 2007
Did author Patrick O’Brien model the hero of his popular sea novels on Lord Nelson’s second in command at Trafalgar, Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood?

In Contact

February 2007
“Street Fight in Sunda Strait” (See J. D. Hornfischer, pp. 16-20, December 2006 Naval History) Commander Albert D. Wood, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired) This article mentions that the Houston (CA-30) ...

Naval History News

February 2007
Second Time’s the Charm The second attempt to move the USS Intrepid (CV-11) from her Hudson River pier proved to be as much a nail- biter as the first a ...

The Navy’s Fire God is No More

By A. D. Baker III
February 2007
With the expansion of its area of operations after the Spanish- American War and the introduction of submarines and destroyers in significant numbers, the U.S. Navy began to include specialized ...

Spyplanes on Carriers

By Norman Polmar Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
February 2007
The Lockheed U-2, the product of a joint effort of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Air Force, was a most unusual and highly publicized spyplane. Although the early U-2s ...

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew G. Wilson, Jon R. Donnelly, Frederick C. Leiner & Captain James B. Bryant. U.S. Navy (Retired)
February 2007
Find ’em, Chase ’em, Sink ’em: The Mysterious Loss of the WWII Submarine USS Qudgeon Mike Ostlund. Guilford, CT: The Lyons Press, 2006. 471 pp. 111. Appen. Notes. Bib. Index ...

Lake Ontario’s Little-Known Gem

By Commander Tyrone G. Martin U.S. Navy (Retired)
February 2007
It is hard to believe that this tiny village in upstate New York once was an active naval base and the site of major warship construction. Sackets Harbor today is ...