The Hunley Resurfaces

By J. A. Hitchcock
December 2000
After 136 years underwater off Charleston, South Carolina, the fabled Confederate secret weapon from the Civil War emerges from the depths.
Photography by Rich Pedroncelli

Hornet Redefines 'Presence'

By Lily Iona MacKenzie; Photography by Rich Pedroncelli
December 2000
Strange things are happening to volunteers on board an old U.S. aircraft carrier-turned-museum ship. These folks act like they've seen a ghost.

A Close Air Support Blast

By Lieutenant Colonel Lyle R. Bradley, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)
December 2000
In late 1950, U.S. Marines were fighting for their lives along the frigid shores of the Chosin Reservoir.

Creation of an Icon

By Paul Stillwell
December 2000
The most famous photograph taken during World War II is that of the flag-raising on Iwo Jima in February 1945. The image has become an icon recognized around the world ...

In Contact

December 2000
“The Log of Matthew Roving” (See D. Wallace, pp. 32-36, October 2000 Naval History) Michael L. Penilla I am very disappointed that Naval History has decided to publish a ...

Historic Fleets

By A. D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
December 2000
The Mahan (DD-364)-class destroyer Reid (DD-369) was the third U.S. Navy destroyer named for Samuel Chester Reid, commander of the War of 1812 privateer General Armstrong. The first, the Flusser ...

The First Navy Helicopters

By Norman Polmar, Author, The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
December 2000
Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the United States used rotary-wing aircraft—autogiros and helicopters—during World War II. Germany, with the largest wartime helicopter program, operated the single-seat FI 282 Kolibi helicopters ...

Naval History News

December 2000
Upcoming Movies Highlight Sea Services Over the next year, three major motion pictures will deal with Navy and Marine Corps subjects. The first, scheduled to open on 10 November 2000 ...

Salty Talk

By Captain Tyrone G. Martin, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2000
Many competitions today, be they spelling bees or golf or tennis tournaments, take the form of a “round robin.” In this kind of competition, players remain in competition until they ...

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Bruce Thompson & James Bradford
December 2000
Television Reviews: Lincoln’s Secret Weapon NOVA. PBS airdate: Tuesday, 24 October 2000 at 2100 ET. 60 minutes. Hitler’s Lost Sub NOVA, Lone Wolf Films. PBS airdate: Tuesday, 14 November 2000 ...

Navy Yarns

By Captain Roy C. Smith, III, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2000
Anew captain, who was known for being a bit off his rocker, took command of one of the upriver gunboats on the Yangtze River patrol in China. His reputation was ...