Publisher’s Page

By Jim Barber
January 1989
When we published a collection of oral history excerpts concerning the Pueblo incident in the fall issue, we had the feeling we would get the attention of a number of ...

Going Home

By Commander George J. Lappan, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
January 1989
A former shipmate renews a romance with his old girl, the guided missile cruiser Chicago.

In Contact

January 1989
“Peril at Fifty Fathoms” (See B. A. Grieves, pp. 18-22, Fall 1988 Naval History) Mrs. Donald E. MacintoshReading the article about my first husband, Bill Millican, and his ...

Book Reviews

Reviewed by A.D. Baker III, Commander Bruce R. Linder, U. S. Navy, Commander Robert E. Bublitz, U. S. Navy (Retired), Alfred M. Beck
January 1989
Ships of the Victorian Navy Conrad Dixon. Southampton, England: Ashford Press, 1987. Distributed in the U. S. by Sheridan House, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, NY. 112 pp. Illus. Bib. $32.50 ($29.25) ...

In Progress

January 1989
U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings: The historical feature in the April Proceedings will be a chapter- length excerpt from The Bridge at Dong Ha by John Grider Miller, soon to ...

Penn’s Landing: Olympia and Becuna

By Chief Radioman John Hummel, U. S. Naval Reserve
January 1989
Moored at Penn’s Landing close to historic downtown Philadelphia is the Olympia (C-6), the nation’s oldest steel-hulled memorial ship. There, with the World War II submarine Becuna (SS-319), she offers ...