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When Gary Emanuel's mother Jeanette passed away in 2016, among her effects were found 60 love letters from her then-future husband Maurice, a U.S. Navy sailor stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1941. "The letters clearly demonstrate that my father was madly in love with my mom," writes Gary Emanuel in the introduction to the epistolary collection he has e-published on Amazon. "This was likely not an uncommon emotion from a sailor or soldier separated from the love of their life. Aside from that, the letters give a very personal account of a 25-year-old Navy sailor's life and the times in which they lived." The letters were written during the period leading up to the U.S. entry into World War II—from Pearl Harbor before the bombs fell.

Maurice Emanuel
Gary Emanuel
Individual's Full Name
Maurice Emanuel
Navy Seaman Maurice Emanuel
Service History & Demographics

Service History & Demographics

Service: USN
Rank: Chief
Military Status: Retired
World War II