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Nov 29 2011

Senators seek answers on VA mental health waits

Navy Times - Tue, 2011-11-29 15:31
The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee wants to know why nearly a third of veterans seeking mental health care at VA facilities wait longer than 14 days — sometimes more than two months — for an appointment.
Nov 29 2011

Camcopter At Sea On Gowind

Aviation Week - Tue, 2011-11-29 11:00
It's not bragging if you did it. While some large navies are still thinking of UAVs on board smaller craft, Austria's Schiebel has been going ahead and doing it with its Camcopter S-100.
Nov 28 2011

Senate vote backs Guard joining JCS

Navy Times - Mon, 2011-11-28 19:53
The Senate has voted to expand the Joint Chiefs of Staff to include the National Guard despite the opposition of the current chairman and service chiefs.
Nov 28 2011

Enterprise veterans return to carrier for birthday bash

Virginian-Pilot - Mon, 2011-11-28 14:14
The scene at Pier 13 was a homecoming in reverse. Usually, it's the ship that returns after months away, bringing home sailors, eager to resume lives on land, their rucksacks bulging with purchases from foreign ports.
Nov 28 2011

India To Develop AIP Technology for Subs

Defense News – Naval - Mon, 2011-11-28 13:38
Even as its navy has announced it wants to procure six air independent propulsion (AIP) submarines for $11 billion, India's defense minister said that the Defense Research and Development Organization is developing such technology itself.
Nov 28 2011

Russia To Send Warships to Syria in 2012

Defense News – Naval - Mon, 2011-11-28 11:51
Russia will send a flotilla of warships led by its only aircraft carrier to its naval base in Syria for a port call next year amid tensions with the West over the Syrian crisis, a report said Nov. 28.
Nov 28 2011

Navy's second X-47B UCAS-D Flies

Aviation Week - Mon, 2011-11-28 08:56
Northrop Grumman has flown the U.S. Navy's second of two X-47B unmanned combat air system demonstrators at Edwards AFB in California. Air vehicle 2 completed the 29-minute flight on November 22.
Nov 27 2011

Japan Wants More Say Over U.S. Troops on Okinawa

The Chosun Ilbo - Sun, 2011-11-27 18:08
Japan's foreign minister is promising Okinawans that Tokyo will press Washington to give Japanese authorities more jurisdiction over U.S. forces on the island.
Nov 27 2011

New helo squadron will fly Fire Scouts, too

Navy Times - Sun, 2011-11-27 09:24
The Navy’s first composite squadron equipped with manned and unmanned rotary-wing aircraft for expeditionary missions will take root in San Diego next year.
Nov 26 2011

Course trains social workers on military issues

Navy Times - Sat, 2011-11-26 13:44
The University of South Carolina is starting a new program to train social workers to assist the military, veterans and their families.


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