When reporting to a new Coast Guard unit, new members’ first impression often is one of disorganization and bureaucracy. But there are ways the service can make the process more smooth and efficient, for both the unit and the new member.
The Navy needs to turn up the heat, literally and figuratively, during battle drills to identify the breaking points of sailors, and then create backup plans.
A boat crew from Coast Guard Station Bellingham, Washington, prepares an injured diver to be hoisted from the deck of a 45-foot response boat—medium into an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter after he suffered a diving accident near Patos Island.
Suicide of a fellow sailor is a life-changing experience for the survivors. Navy leaders should be better trained to deal with the stresses and effects on their sailors following the suicide of a shipmate.
Sailors should make the most of their time in the Navy. Just because you are working on hull maintenance today does not mean you will be working on hull maintenance for your entire Sea Service career.
Midcareer aviation mechanics who are given orders to new platforms have to start their qualifications from scratch. Changing the detailing process to allow mechanics to better use their experience would increase mission readiness and save time and money.
Overworked sailors have less time for recreational activity