William P. Mack Jr. has coauthored a number of books with his father.

Articles by William P. Mack

Vice Admiral William P. Mack

Insidious Political Influence

By Vice Admiral William P. Mack, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2021
Dr. John T. Mason Jr.’s 1980 oral history of Admiral Mack specified that the Institute could not release a sensitive portion of it until after the deaths of all involved.

NAPS Comes of Age

By Commander William P. Mack, U. S. Navy, and Commander H. F. Rommel, U. S. Navy
October 1950
The U.S. Naval School, Academy and College Preparatory, is the Navy’s third senior educational institution; senior, not in rank, because it is a school for enlisted men, but senior in ...