A graduate of the Naval School of Military Government of Columbia University, Mr. Hessler served with the Fast Carrier Task Forces during the operations of 1945. Author of Operation Survival, a study of American military policy, and winner of the Naval Institute Prize Essay contest, he is Foreign Editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Articles by William H. Hessler

Guerrilla Warfare Is Different

By William H. Hessler
April 1962
Communists in Yugoslavia, Red China, and Cuba have again proved guerrilla warfare to be economical and effective. Where guerrillas have been defeated, it has required massing manpower at a 15-to-one ...

More And Better Geography Needed

By William H. Hessler
December 1959
In July of 1950, the Korean attack shocked the American people into a sudden awareness that the Far East is not very far away. In the autumn following, a homespun ...

War: Always an Art

By William H. Hessler
April 1958
If war in fact were the kind of thing most Americans have considered it to be, our military problems would be simple enough. In the main, they have conceived it ...

Merchant Fleet On The Ohio

By William H. Hessler
June 1956
To a proper salt-water sailor, an Ohio River towboat pushing a train of twenty coal barges down a glassy, sluggish river is a far cry from the seagoing merchant marine ...

Canada: Our Closest Ally

By William H. Hessler
March 1955
Early last August, within the space of a few days, three events took place at widely separated points in Canada, giving dramatic emphasis to the great changes that are in ...